The Zynski Co.

You cherish that special relationship with your clients. Why not increase that bond with a signature scent from Aromafume’ Body products?

 What is Aromafume’?

Aromafume’ is a locally based Company in Harrisburg Pa. This local provider of custom-blended Aromatherapy has been supplying spas and individuals with high quality plant based products for over 18 years. (massage oils, bath salts, salt rubs, body lotions, goat milk and glycerin soap bars, pure essential oils)

Why Aromafume’?

Aromafume’ Body products are dedicated to the creation of signature scents for spas.

No minimum order required!

 How the program works:

Make a one-to-one appointment. You tell me what scents you desire. You are immediately presented with several aromatic choices. Pick your scents. Place an order. It’s that easy!


  • Private labeling available

  • Choice of bottling

  • Suggested retail pricing

  • Bulk essential oils (for individual treatments)

Contact:  or   610-909-0097