The Zynski Co.

Brandi Seaman (client) 2/15/13

Donna has magic hands! Having a very stressful job and working many hours causes my shoulders to be up around my ears.  Donna not only helps to release my muscle tension but also helps return my shoulders to their proper position.  I feel stronger, taller and more relaxed every time I visit Donna.  

Tom Castanzo  (client) 2/15/13

Donna rates at the top of the list where massage therapy is involved. Her professional demeanor, tremendous massage skills and comfortable studio atmosphere make a session with Donna second to none. As someone who works out 4 times a week, I can appreciate the need for working the knots out of    one 's muscles, especially after a tough workout or a long, stressful day at the office. Donna knows how to work the area affected and have you feeling like a new person by the end of the session.


Tess Bockes (client) February 7 2013

 Donna Opuszynski is an amazing massage therapist. She has given me many awesome deep tissue massages.                                                                  Contact Donna - you will find she is not only a wonderful practictioner - but she is so easy to work with and coordinate.

 Lisa Marrs (client) February 6 2013

I have received massage therapy from Donna Opuszynski and would like to recommend her to anyone who finds themselves needing this service. 
Donna is very skilled and strong; her knowledge of human musculature and her confident technique combines for a very effective massage 
treatment. In addition, she has a personal style that makes her clients feel instantly comfortable with her touch. She is what I call an 
"intuitive therapist", meaning that she "listens" with her hands and is able to find and treat the source of any discomfort. Her pricing is 
reasonable and her willingness to travel to accomodate her clients ' special needs really add the final touch of professionalism. I have 
referred several clients to her in the past, and have received nothing but praise for her skills.

Kelly Cagle

, Owner, Kelly and Company (colleague)

Donna is a wonderful addition to Kelly and Company. Her massage therapy skills and professionalism are top notch! She always has a smile on her face and is a breathe of fresh air...I love her drive and desire to grow her business! She is a real Go-Getter!!!” October 11, 2012

Angela Durantine

, Co-Publisher, Advertising Executive, Three Bridges Media/TheBurg (business partner)

Donna is a great person to work with - very helpful, creative, friendly and extremely knowledgeable in her profession. I look forward to working with Donna for many years!” January 21, 2012

Emily Perna

Emily hired you as a Massage & Products in 2000 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Aromafume' products are of the highest quality. I have enjoyed using the soaps. Donna is very friendly, professional and is a person of her word.” January 19, 2012

John Henderson

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I plan to recommend Donna to both my colleages and friends. She was quite intuitive and truly understands the techniques of massage therapy. She was an absolute delight. I've had many massages throughout my life and she ranks high on the list within my top 3 of the best ever. I highly recommend this experienced therapist. Thanks again Donna Marie!” January 13, 2012

Cathy Amerling


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I highly recommend Donna from the Zynski Co. I've received several theraputic massages from Donna during the past year. Recently I strained my back lifting a heavy box at work. The next morning I had such pain in my lower back that I could hardly move. Even getting dressed was a painful chore. Out of desperation I grabbed the phone and called Donna at Zynski. I was so thankful that she was able to work me in that very same day. What excellent and caring service! During my massage I could feel the muscles starting to unclench and now I have almost all my mobility back. Amazing!! What a relief! I just had to write and share the good news. Thank you Donna!! You are the best!” January 12, 2012

Linda Eyer


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“Both myself and my husband have had massages from Donna. She was able to relieve my hip pain in just one session and the effect lasted for over a month. My husband's chronic neck pain was also relieved after the first session. Massages along with our Chiropractic therapy are keeping us pain free.” January 10, 2012

Rickie Freedman

, Owner, "Reiki by Rickie" (colleague)
“Donna is very diligent, responsible and passionate about her work, and continual growth and development.”          January 8, 2012

Melissa Keilholz

, Ambassador Committee, Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC (business partner)
“Donna has a sparkling personality and is always ready to jump right in any way that she can. If the bar is set at 100, Donna will always go 110%! please to have on the Ambassador committee.” January 5, 2012

Jeffery Zinn

, Account Representative, Graphtech (business partner)

“I have worked with Donna as a Harrisburg Chamber volunteer for over a year. She always has a smile and a positive attitude. She is very dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about her work and I would certainly recommend her.” January 6, 2012

Donald L. Tolbert Jr.

1000+ Partners


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“As a client, I received the best possible service from Donna, as I have tried many others, and noone can provide the same awesome service, and care for your well being more than Donna. Whether you seek out her amazing knowledge of massage therapy, or the aromatherapy you will have a win-win experience. Donna is also an active volunteer for the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, she cares for all in her personal, and professional life. I recommend Donna with high regards.” January 5, 2012

Dawn Rettinger


Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“I have had massages by Donna and she has taught aromatherapy classes for me at our shop. She has a fabulous outgoing personality and truly knows her business! I love that she throws herself completely into her work and brings people together. Her products are just as awesome as her techniques. Donna is well rounded, caring and INVOLVED! We have always been able to count on her participation in our classes, as well as our shows. Having Donna at an event really brings customers in. Her new venue is well worth the trip!” January 5, 2012

Mary Emelio


Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

“Donna has a very good work ethic, she is always on time, she works well with others, she delivers wonderful quality products at an afordable price. She is very knowledgable about her art of message and products. I would highly recommend her work.” January 5, 2012

Joanne Repasky Gebhardt

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“As a current massage therapy practitioner myself, I would be confident and comfortable recommending Donna to clients that are not within my local area for her massage therapy services. She is professional and always provides a massage tailored to the client's needs. I have back and neck problems and she was able to relieve my lower back pain considerably. Donna was a significant influence in my decision to become a therapist and I am very glad that I listened to her advice to go to school and do so.” January 5, 2012

Dave Romeo

Motivational Speaker & Results Coach, Primary Seminars & Coaching (colleague)
worked directly with you

“I have known Donna since she joined the Harrisburg Regional Chamber in June of 2010. She is very outgoing, personable, and makes you feel at home from the moment you meet her. She is also very passionate about massage. Give her a call and find out, first hand, just how therapeutic a massage can be.” January 5, 2012


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Excellent personable person with lots of good energy!” January 5, 2012