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Oil/Butters Product Descriptions:

Persistent Tranquility: Grapefruit highlights this blend that leaves you chillin' yet energized 

Dry Skin Blend: Moisturizing Essential oils in this blend help to balance out dry skin

Soothing Skin Blend: Lavender and other calming essences are great for Sensitive skin types

Sniffy Blend: Peppermint featured hear to help you along with cold, flu and sinus relief

Oily Skin Balancer: The name says it all. Litsea Cubeba is featured. Also used as a stimulating blend

Relax and Calm: The joys of Lemongrass and other relaxing essential oil affiliations!

Sweet Asia: Jasmine and Vanilla- Yummy fragrance oils!

Balance Me: Rosewood- balance your yin and yang 

~Body Butters are in a blend Organic Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil and stearic acid (natural thickener)~

~All Massage/Bath oils are in a blend of Sweet Almond oil and Mixed Tocopherols (a derivative of Vitamin E- a natural preservative)~ 


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 Product Descriptions Part 2:


Soothing: Ground Lavender and Lavender with other calming essences are great for Sensitive skin types

Persitant Tranquility: With Ground Lavender and other essential oils

Citrus Fruits: 3 citrus fruits featured!

Wake Up!: Ground Peppermint featured 

Soy Candles:

Boswellia~n~ Myrrh: Nice and Earthy

Sweet Asia: Sweet with Jasmine

Citrus Fruits3 citrus fruits featured!

Holiday: Citrus,Spicy, Vanilla

Strawberry Mousse: Just like it sounds!

Peachy: Peach preserves

Rose Garden: Lovely scent of Roses

Perky-P: Peppermint and Patchouli to perk you up

Vanilla Krunch- vanilla , cinnamon and other earthly delights

 Goat Milk Soap  $4.00/bar

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6 oz. Soy candles $8.00 

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Choice Of:

8 oz. Body Butter              $15.00

4 oz Body Butter

4 oz oils  $7.00

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8 oz Oils  $15.00

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Essential oils 1/2 oz.
Essential oils 1/2 oz.