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Massage and Muscle Soreness:

A client asks: Why am I sore after a Massage? DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can occur if you are not used to Massage. It is equivalent to muscle soreness experienced after a workout. The soreness should not last more than 48 hours. In some cases I recommend icing to reduce inflammation (sports massage). In most cases applying moist heat, heat pack, steam, sauna, hot shower or bath is recommended. Also, drink plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol. NOW-get that massage!


Teach your body to heal itself! Did you know that the aim of Massage is to return the body to a neutral state or homeostasis? One of the oldest forms of medicine, Massage (all forms) achieves this by improving the lymph and circulation. Think of this as exercise for your circulatory system. Use it or lose it.


Get rid of that plaque! Everyone who is the know has heard that Massage helps to reduce stress. But did you know that reducing stress also decreases cholesterol and blood pressure?

Therefore, by reducing stress producing hormones Massage can assist in reducing the incidence of atherosclerosis. http://www.alternativehealth.co.nz/cancer/Atherosclerosis%20.htm


Another reason to get regular Massage Therapy. I am home sick with a cold, (probably a coronovirus or a mild adenovirus, a description for those in the health field). I suffered one day with a low grade fever and chills. This happened the day after receiving my regularly scheduled massage. Massage can dislodge harboring viruses and bacteria in the muscles. One can get ill after a treatment. Colds after a massage can be avoided if you consume plenty of water, like flushing down a toilet of nasty stuff. I do drink plenty of water. The amount of viruses in my body must have been too much for my immune system to handle. Hence, the cold. So the moral of the story is......get regular massage therapy and keep your body running like a new automobile...................or a well tuned Ferrari.


Cold part 2: Massaging the sinuses. I woke up this past Friday with pressure building up in my sinuses. It was cold part 2. So, I got busy. I thought to myself “No stinking sinus infection can stop the massage lady!” I finally invested in a Netti pot, bought Elderberry tincture and echinacea tea. I used the tincture 3x/day to boost my immune system along with the echinacea and ginger root tea 1x/day each. I also used over a boiling pot of H2O drops of Eucalyptus and Rosemary and breathed in deeply through the nose. Rosemary is really good for bacterial infections. Lastly, I blasted my sinuses with a saline solution via the Netti pot 5x/day to break up the thick mucus. I went from intense suffering on Sunday to no infection and drain plug gone on Monday.


Tax day is time for closing old doors and opening a new one. Massage therapy in all forms is rejuvenatory and closes the door on life-long pain and discomforts. Massage promises freedom from compromising sore muscles. Massage promises freedom from debilitating repetitive use injuries Come experience with me the freedom of Massage!


I see more and more runners outside since the weather is warming up. If you are a runner, when was the last time you thought about your ITB band (iliotibial band)? ITB syndrome is a common knee injury. This is caused by the inflammation of the portion of the tendon band very close to the knee mimicking actual knee pain. If the band is inflamed throughout the side of the leg, it can cause lateral hip pain as well. The good news is that Massage can help. By loosening the area with regular massage and stretching, this can improve or never occur.