Our History

Zynski Massage Company started in the year 1994.  I worked until 1996 as a Microbiology Laboratory Technician. I was convinced after processing and examining hundreds of specimens from diseased individuals I decided to pursue Massage therapy full-time. My  inspiration was to encourage my clients through Massage and the use of Essential oils to pursue a healthier lifestyle! Quality of life, not quantity.

Regularly scheduling a Massage teaches your body to defend itself. High levels of stress, anxiety, muscular  aches etc. tax our immune system and make it less able to fight diseases. Therefore, after 23 years as a Massage Therapist I can safely say that  my clients have benefited from Massage and do not become a regular specimen at the Microbiology Lab.

Thank you for reading,

Donna Opuszynski MMP LMT AAS BA

Donna is now a Certified Medical Massage Therapist